Ian Hill Brings His Program to Life with the Black Diamond Community


Ian Hill, creator of “Becoming a Community Builder”, spent the better part of last Tuesday addressing various community groups.

Starting at Oilfields High School, Ian addressed a group of about thirty students. The presentation lasted an hour during which time Ian held the students rapt attention. Paulette Morck Peiritsch, Guidance Counselor, said,  “It was awesome… could hear a pin drop. He is a very engaging speaker! Exciting stuff!”

At the Griffiths Memorial Centre Ian spoke to seniors reminding them they built this community and that this community still needs their help. He urged them to get out of their comfort zone, take the course and continue helping to build this wonderful community.

Next came the discussion with the business sector. This meeting was very well attended and attests to the forward thinking and determination of the business sector in this community. Business owners and employees were engaged in the conversation and showed excitement at the prospect of this course not only helping them in their professional lives but also in the personal and family lives.

Throughout all meetings, Ian was direct, transparent and honest about his program and his own life. One of the goals of this initiative is to get the entire community working as a whole instead of in fragmented groups.

A great analogy was Athens and Alberta – Alberta is the Athens of the 21st century. Athens gave us history, democracy, arts, economy, talent, business…..it had the DNA of Alberta and history will judge us too.

The course is basically twelve weeks of leadership training costing a commitment of about fifteen minutes a day. You can work as a group or individually from home. You can work at the same pace as the group or at your own pace. Each concept will have an intensive focus for 21 days – everyone knows it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. The program will be available forever to all participants. You can go back over sections or you can explore other sections that might be of interest in the future.

Become a leader or a better leader – register now at: www.register14f.becomingacommunitybuilder.ca

Everyone within the geographical area of Millarville to Longview is welcome to participate whether on a personal, business or community group level and best of all, there is no charge.

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or visit their website at: http://www.becomingacommunitybuilder.com/