Humane Society International/Canada Calls for Ban on Fur Farming Following Criminal Animal Cruelty Charges

MONTREAL, QUEBEC–(Marketwired) – In response to news of a Quebec fur farmer facing charges of criminal animal cruelty and neglect, and recent media footage of minks and foxes suffering in squalid conditions on several other factory fur farms, Humane Society International/Canada is calling for the Canadian government to ban fur farming.

The charges stem from criminal investigations conducted by the Montreal SPCA earlier in 2014, with the participation of Lynn Miller, Ph.D., director of wildlife rehabilitation for the Fund for Animals Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts, a Humane Society International affiliate.

Gabriel Wildgen, campaign manager for HSI/Canada, said:

“It’s shocking that in this day and age wild animals are still being raised in confinement for their fur. We know far too much about the behavioral and cognitive needs of these intelligent, social animals to allow them to be kept in tiny cages, depriving them of the wild environment they were meant to inhabit. Yet, over two million animals are confined this way and then killed every year.”

Humane Society International/Canada is calling on the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food to ban the practice of fur farming in Canada. In doing so, the nation will join other global leaders such as Austria, Croatia and the United Kingdom in taking a stance against factory fur farms.

Dr. Sara Shields, animal behavior and welfare specialist for HSI, who reviewed the footage reported in the media, said:

“This footage exemplifies the inherently inhumane nature of factory fur farming. Wild animals such as minks and foxes require ample space to roam, and they have an intrinsic need to engage in natural behaviors such as burrowing and swimming. Factory fur farmers deny animals these most basic needs by keeping them in small wire cages for their entire lives, only to kill them by gassing and anal electrocution. Canada must keep pace with scientific and social progress by putting an end to this unacceptable practice.”

Humane Society International/Canada is urging the public to support a ban on fur farming by following the Take Action link

The Montreal SPCA is asking Canadians to join with them, the Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals and LUSH Cosmetics in their new Make Fur History campaign by visiting

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