How to Be a Better Motorcycle Rider

Fatima Bhutta

Riding a motorcycle requires skills, effort and patience to become a better rider on the road.

Becoming a professional rider needs several practices in learning to ride safely. And meeting the basic safety rules for ensuring a safe ride.

If you want to ride professionally, there are certain guides on how to be a better motorcycle rider.

How to Become a Professional Rider

To know how to ride professionally, you need certain tips to follow on how to ride safely and appropriately on various terrains. If you want to be a better motorcyclist, you need to follow these definite tips to become a safe and good rider.

The following tips mention below:

Ride in a group

Riding in a group is one of the safest ways to learn to ride professionally. Group riding is one of the key skills of motorcycle riding. To learn to ride safely is to ride with a group of friends. This will help you to know in sharing your riding experience with your friends. Once you ride in groups, you will get the idea on how well you ride and what you can do better in the next ride.

Take intervals during your ride

To ride safely is to take a break between your rides. If you are out of focus or tired, just stop the bike at a certain place and sip a cup of coffee. This will help to refresh your mind when getting back on your bike. Not only your mind will feel refreshed but also you will have greater control during your crash.

Make sure you eat and sleep well before you get on with your bike. If your mind has full of thoughts, just park the bike and get your mind right.

Ride behind a better rider

Do you enjoy competing with other riders? If so then riding with someone better will show you how much you can learn to ride professionally. To compete with another rider is to show how good you are and what your faults while riding. This will help you to improve your riding skills.

Ride in the rain

Riding in the rain is a great way to practice on tractions, lean angles, steering input, applying brakes and knowing the overall smoothness. To practice to become a better rider is to practice riding during rainy conditions. And monitor how well you apply brakes and other controls during this tough condition. This will help you to ride further on other tough environments.

Ride another bike

It is easy to get bored when riding the same type of bike. To become a better rider is to try to use a different motorcycle to sharpen your focus and keep you learning to ride safely. Riding different bikes will help you to become a safe rider.

Ride a dirt bike

There could not be a better way to learn about traction and body positioning than riding a dirt bike. Riding a dirt bike sharpens your skills on how to ride on sandy and rough terrains. Riding on tough terrains will help you to become a better rider by getting on a dirt bike.

Pay attention to where you ride

To know how to be a better motorcycle rider, you must pay attention to where you ride. Even if you become lazy or tired, you must lift your chin and look further ahead of the road. Do look where you want to go and do not just focus on the entrance, focus on the turns and other roads. Do make sure you look farther while riding.

Ride on a racing track

No rider likes to end up being last on the race. Riding competitively at any, level helps you to practice harder for becoming a better rider. If you have not tried yourself, then it is time to ride on a racing track. Your first ride should try to ride on a racing track. This helps you to sharpen your focus on that definite terrain.

Clean and maintain the bike by yourself

You must maintain your bike and clean the vehicle by yourself. When cleaning your bike, it is easy to spot problems. Thus maintaining your bike by yourself helps you to be aware of your vehicle’s overall condition. The more you maintain your bike, the safer your ride will be. The longer your vehicle will lasts.

Sit right

To be a better rider, the sitting posture affects your ride. In other words, your body posture makes a massive difference in how well you ride. If you ride like a couch potato, chances are you would not be able to control your turns if you do not sit right. To ride safely is to sit at the right posture with your back straight and feet in the footpegs.

Look further ahead

To learn to ride professionally, you must look further ahead of the road. You must look where you want to go and do not just focus on what is in front of you. This will help to get the idea on when to take the next turn or accelerating the next speed.

Adjust your controls

To master your riding skills is to learn to adjust your controls like brakes and clutch. Always check your brakes and other controls for ensuring a smooth ride. Do not panic about when to apply brakes and when to press the clutch. When practising to ride on a safe area, use the front and rear brakes and measure the distance at various speeds. This will give you the idea on when to apply brakes at a certain distance.

Be smooth

Pick a day you want to practice riding and forget about everything else except you focus on riding smoothly. Do not get nervous about getting on the bike. Do make sure you build the awareness on road safety. This will help you to anticipate the road and all of the inputs before you hit the speed during your ride. All you have to do is to sit back and relax, and just focus on what is further ahead of the road.

Gear Up before you ride

To be a safe rider, you must gear up before you get on with your motorcycle. If you do not have proper gear, there are best protective gears available on gear stores and online. If you are price-sensitive, you can have a look at the best motorcycle helmet under $300. The more you gear up, the safer you will ride. Even in extreme environments, you must wear protective gear before you get on your bike.


Here are the guides on how to be a better motorcycle rider. You can see riding safely requires several practices and patience to become a professional rider. To enhance your riding skills is to follow these tips above and you will remember how to ride well. All you have to is follow some basic rules of riding a motorcycle and you will be a better rider. The more you practice, the better your ride will be.

So practice a few turns and enjoy the ride!