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How a Construction Company Works

The construction industry is divided into two sectors — the commercial sector and the residential sector. While these two sectors are separate and independent from each other, there are still some construction job functions that exist in both residential and commercial construction. 

Whether you are already in commercial construction or are still aspiring to start in the business, you need to know how a construction company works.

Phases of a Construction Project

Carpenters, roofers, access doors suppliers, painters, masonry contractors, electricians, plumbers,  and other finish professionals are needed on construction projects of all types. They all belong to these three different phases of a construction project.

  • Structural Construction Phase

This phase is the initial phase of a construction project. This includes laying foundation and framing which includes the installation of basic wall, floor, and roof systems. After framing, comes the attachment of the roof. The idea of this phase is to create the basic structure or the shell of the building. Those involved in this kind of construction work are carpenters, roofers, stone and brick masons, and concrete contractors who are all involved in different kinds of structural construction.

  • Mechanical Work Phase

This kind of work phase involves the installation of plumbing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and electrical and heating systems. HVAC, electrical and plumbing contractors install pipes, wires and conduits through interior walls, floors, and ceilings of a building. 

  • Finishing Phase

This phase begins when the necessary structural and rough mechanical work is finished. The finishing phase occurs in many different stages and may also overlap with some of the last stages of mechanical work. Once the insulation is installed, the finish crew can already start the drywall as well as interior textures. The workers under this phase are the brick and stonemasons and workers who are contracted to attach finishing in floors, mirrors and countertops, and those who do the completion of other mechanical, kitchen, bathroom, and exterior trim.

The last part that comes after all the three phases above mentioned are done is the inspection. A construction project involves inspections that may even be conducted at different phases of the project. Inspections can be performed after the completion of the rough framing and other installation of other electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. Inspections are usually conducted by a city or county construction inspector.

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