Houston Trip Highlights Alberta Contributions to Energy Sector

Premier Jim Prentice issued the following statement upon the completion of his mission to Texas:

Seaway-Pipeline-map-300“My time in Texas provided me with the opportunity to meet with oil and gas executives in Houston who have companies that operate in Alberta. I also attended the opening of the Flanagan South and Seaway Twin pipelines in Freeport.

“While in Houston, I was able to discuss the current economic situation and the effect of lower oil prices on the Alberta economy. I also discussed Alberta’s desire to continue to improve our competitiveness while making strides in the development of cleaner technologies for oil and gas production. My discussions also centered on the current financial realities facing the energy sector and how we can continue to work together as Canadians and Americans to achieve North American energy security.

“This morning, at the Flanagan South and Seaway Twin opening, I saw first-hand how these new pipelines will help bring significant benefit to Alberta and its oil producers. The completion of these pipelines creates the first large-volume, direct link of Canadian crude to the U.S. Gulf Coast where North America’s largest concentration of heavy oil refineries is located. The pipeline network will provide jobs, economic growth and energy security to North America. It is another important link in the world’s most successful energy partnership, and increased energy trade will benefit Canadians and Americans alike.

“In the next few weeks, I will travel back to the U.S. to share Alberta’s progress on responsible resource development and the steps we are taking to produce and transport oil as safely, sustainably and responsibly as possible.”