Hot Air Balloon Spectator Safety Tips

As with any balloon event, spectator safety is a priority.
Here are a few tips to make sure you and your loved ones have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Do not smoke around the balloons! Beside the obvious flammable properties of propane, cigarette cherries damage balloons. These factors not only create a real danger to the pilots once they are in the air, but it also endangers you and others who are nearby.
Help the pilots out by not stepping on the balloon material and please move if instructed to do so by a pilot, crewmember or launch director. Be aware of your location so you’re not interfering with crew duties.
Please leave your pets at home! We love animals and hate to see them spooked by all the people and unpredictable sounds that the balloons make.
Remember to bring your camera! The awe inspiring sights will bring out the photographer in you.
We recommend that people bring a flashlight to the Night Glow !