Homes for Heroes Community Coming to Calgary


The Canadian Legacy Project is currently working with the Homes For Heroes Foundation ( in building unique and exciting housing developments for homeless veterans across Canada. The issue of homelessness among Canadian Armed Forces veterans is an area of increasing concern. Unfortunately, over 2,500 Canadian veterans are homeless and have not been successful in transitioning from their military career to healthy and productive civilian lives. The Homes For Heroes Foundation is an initiative that will assist with re-integration of military veterans into civilian life within Canada through the provision of affordable housing and a robust support system. Our first community is slated for development in Calgary in 2018, with the goal to have a community in every major Canadian city by 2020.

About Homes for Heroes Foundation

Canadian Legacy Project is a founding partner of the Homes For Heroes Foundation. Homes For Heroes is a national program which responds to the more than 2700 military veterans who have returned to civilian life and now face crisis. These veterans are experiencing personal struggles, which result in inability to meet their basic needs of support and shelter. Homes For Heroes helps these individuals progress towards a stable and secure life by providing housing and a robust support system, fundamental components of stability and dignity. The Homes For Heroes program is a micro community of 15 to 20 tiny homes to be built in all major cities across Canada. The program provides our homeless veterans with a wide variety of health, education, socials services, and employment initiatives. The goals of the program is not only to provide a home but to help transition the tenants back to mainstream society.