Homemade Chocolate Brownies

Cooking With Jeanna

My favorite dessert of all time is chocolate brownies. I’m a chocolate fan, and I would choose brownies over cookies and cake any day. This recipe was my grandma Sandy’s and was passed down to my mom who passed it down to me. The ingredients are few and it really is a simple dessert to make.

These are the ingredients (Don’t mind the recipe card. It looks worn and battered because it has been used so many times. I think it’s a good thing when recipe cards look like this. It means it’s a tried and true recipe).

The only ingredient I didn’t use is nuts. I have made it with nuts, but my fiancé isn’t crazy about nuts, so I left them out. There are many types of cocoa out there to use. I just used Hershey’s cocoa because I already had it in my pantry. Just make sure whatever cocoa you use, it is 100% cocoa.

Before starting, preheat your oven to 350º, so when your batter is ready, you can put it in the oven immediately.

The first step I do is melt my butter. The recipe calls for one cup of butter which is two sticks of butter. I put both sticks in a microwavable bowl and heat in microwave for one minute.

Once the butter is melted, I crack my eggs in a separate bowl. I like to use a separate bowl in case a shell falls in. It’s easier to get the shell out when you use a smaller bowl with just the eggs. I then pour the 4 eggs into the melted butter.

I then add my teaspoon of vanilla to the bowl.

Some people mix their wet ingredients together and their dry ingredients together separately. I just add everything together, but I do add my wet ingredients to the bowl first.

I then add my 2 cups of sugar and one cup of flour.

The last step is adding the cocoa. You need 9 tablespoons of cocoa. It equals to just over 1/2 cup, but the containers that cocoa is in makes it hard to pour into anything and is easier to scoop out of. I also like my ingredients to be exact, so I just use the tablespoons (Be sure to keep careful count).

Once all your ingredients are added, you can start mixing. I like mixing with a hand mixer because it’s faster, but you can use anything to mix it by hand too. I start on low when first mixing so the powder doesn’t fly up. Once everything is mixed and the ingredients are all wet, then I turn the mixer up to medium and continue mixing until I have a smooth, yet thick batter.

I use a non-stick 9 X 13 size pan. I use Pam to spray the pan before adding my batter. I then add my batter to the pan. I then use a small spatula to spread the batter to all edges and make sure the batter is laid out evenly.

Let it cool for about five to ten minutes before serving. Warm brownies are the best brownies! We like to add frozen yogurt to them for a perfect top to a perfect dessert! I hope you enjoy this delicious treat! Bon Appetit!