Holocaust Remembrance Day: Premier Kenney

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

“On this day 75 years ago, Ukrainian soldiers liberated more than 7,000 prisoners from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration and death camp. From 1940 to 1945, Auschwitz was the largest of four camps operated by the Nazi regime in Poland for the sole purpose of murdering the Jewish peoples of Europe, and other enemies of the Third Reich.

“During the Second World War, the Nazi regime targeted and brutally murdered more than six million Jews because of their faith and race.

“In remembering the Holocaust and paying tribute to millions of victims, we affirm our commitment to fight Holocaust denial, the evils of anti-Semitism and genocide. It is our responsibility to continue to educate future generations about the effects of prejudice and hatred.

“As Albertans, we know there is no room anti-Semitism. We are a province of welcoming, understanding and hard-working people. Today, we stand with survivors, their families and friends to mourn, acknowledge this unfathomable crime, and to educate future generations about the Shoah.”


A group of Auschwitz Survivors from the delegation organized by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Foundation
& led by Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder came to the Auschwitz Museum
today (Jan 26). Together with their relatives & RSL they walked through ‘Arbeit macht frei’ gate. Tomorrow they will participate in #Auschwitz75. (photo courtesy of the Auschwitz Museum)