Holiday Smile Courtesy of the Gentleman Plumbers

CALGARY/CNW/ – “Operation Holiday Smile” strikes again as the Gentlemen Plumbers donated their time and a brand new furnace to a family in need. Throughout the month of December, the technicians have been giving free plumbing services to families across Alberta. This was a major project for Action Auger as they have never given away an entire furnace and installation before.

On December 22, 2014, technicians Kale Trim and Noel Gagnon were called out to take a look at a furnace that was causing a customer grief. Upon arriving on site, they inspected the furnace and determined that it needed to be replaced. When Kale and Noel approached the customer with the news and the price, the client broke down and became extremely upset and emotional as a new furnace was not something they had budgeted for. Kale mentioned “the client did not know what to do and I felt they needed some help from us”. Kale then approached the owner Brham Trim about the situation and they decided this family would be the perfect candidate for “Operation Holiday Smile” and would donate their time and a whole new furnace to this family as a Christmas present.

Noel and Kale went out the following day and did a complete furnace installation for free while the client paid for the furnace permit. They donated their entire day to this installation and to the family.

When Kale informed the customer that we would be doing the whole installation at no cost, they kept asking him “what is the catch?” as the family was in disbelief that the Gentlemen Plumbers would provide such a tremendous service to them. Kale said the customers were “very happy and very thankful for what we did – we did a whole furnace installation and donated our time to install it!”

Noel was ecstatic to be a part of this. He commented “it was the best thirteen hours of work I ever did for free and I enjoyed every moment of it.” He is looking forward to doing more work like this throughout the year and thinks the whole spirit behind Christmas is service and there should be more acts of kindness like this.

The client called this act of kindness a “Christmas miracle” and they were stunned when they saw the quote for the furnace – “we thought it was a typo”. For the client, this was a godsend, especially at Christmas time. “For this company to come out at Christmas and on such short notice to help someone who has overcome a lot of obstacles and needed some extra help over the holidays was fabulous. We are ever so grateful that you people have such kind and compassionate hearts, you really are Christmas angels”.

The Gentlemen Plumbers are glad they were able to provide customers with Christmas spirit this holiday season and are wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

SOURCE The Gentlemen Plumbers Inc.