Highway Maintenance Contracts Focus on Performance

Government has awarded seven new highway maintenance contracts based on a new hybrid performance-based model.

Contract submissions are evaluated on a basis of 60 per cent cost and 40 per cent technical evaluation, including operational plans, organization, best practices and processes.

The new contract model updates performance measures on maintenance services that include snowplowing, salting and sanding for snow and ice control, pothole patching and other maintenance related activities.

“Safety on our highway network is our number one priority. We also have an obligation to make sure Albertans are getting value for their tax dollars, and this new model gives us assurance that roads are being maintained at a high level in an economical manner.”

~Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

Quick facts

  • New contracts will be for seven years with a three-year extension option based on the contractor’s performance.
  • The first contract under the new model was awarded for Deerfoot Trail in Calgary in 2018.
  • Seven new contracts have been awarded in February 2019. They are:
    • Ledcor – two contracts (northwest Alberta, west-central Alberta)
    • Volker Stevin – three contracts (west-central Alberta, southwest Alberta, southern Alberta)
    • Mainroad  – two contracts (central Alberta)
    • Seven other contracts will be tendered starting in October 2019 in the north central region (areas around the City of Edmonton), southeast Alberta and southwest Alberta.