Highway 1A Widening Agreement in Place

Highway 1A Widening Agreement in Place

Alberta Transportation and the Stoney Nakoda First Nation have signed an agreement for the transfer of lands needed for the widening and upgrading of Highway 1A.

The agreement with the Stoney Nation will move the widening project forward. The Government of Alberta has already started survey work to define the scope of the project, which will widen sections of the highway between Cochrane and Canmore.

“This important project is going to make life better for Albertans. I am proud that we have made this agreement with the Stoney Nakoda. This highway expansion will improve both safety and economic opportunities, while ensuing that our First Nations are real partners in prosperity.”Premier Jason Kenney

“I am proud to see this agreement with the Stoney Nakoda signed after so many years. This agreement shows our dedication to working with our First Nations partners to improve highway safety for Albertans and to foster future economic opportunities for the Stoney Nakoda First Nation.”Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation

“I am thrilled that a mutually beneficial agreement between the Stoney Nakoda First Nation and our government to expand the Alberta 1A highway has finally been reached, after years of inaction. This well-warranted update to our infrastructure will ensure the safety of all who travel Highway 1A, including tourists, business partners and those who call the Canmore-Cochrane corridor home.”Miranda Rosin, MLA, Banff-Kananaskis

Total funding for the project is $76.5 million. Budget 2019 allocates $26.5 million in the four-year Capital Plan. The remaining $50 million will flow in future years.

The highway widening project will increase safety for the approximately 2,000 vehicles that travel the highway daily. It will improve traffic flow between Cochrane and Canmore, as well as access to the Ghost Lake Recreation Area, which is a popular recreation destination.

Highway 1A Widening Agreement in Place

Quick facts

  • The highway has not been significantly upgraded since it was built in 1946.
  • The project will include:
    • Widening of just over 29 kilometres of the highway from 6.7 metres to 13 metres, which will allow shoulders on either side
    • Widening and making the ditches less steep
    • Smoothing dips and hills and straightening curves to bring the highway to current design standards
  • Design, environmental and archeological work will be completed before a contract is awarded.
  • The project is estimated to take two to three years to complete, once a contract is awarded.