High School Students Get New Opportunities to Succeed

Fairer reflection of student learning and more learning opportunities are at the forefront of two important changes.

Diploma exam weighting

High School - diploma exams and dual creditsAs of September 1, 2015 diploma exam weighting will shift from a 50/50 weighting to a 30/70 weighting where school-awarded grades will be worth 70 per cent.

The change in diploma exam weighting will provide a more accurate reflection of student performance by putting a greater weight on teachers’ assessments of students’ abilities and knowledge. Students write diploma exams for Grade 12 core courses (language arts, social studies, mathematics and sciences). The first round of diploma exams to be written with the new weighting will take place in November 2015.

 “We want students to benefit from classroom assessments that reflect their abilities over a longer period of time, rather than relying so heavily on one assessment lasting only a few hours.”

~ Gordon Dirks, Minister of Education

Dual credit partnerships

New dual-credit partnerships will mean that students have more opportunities to earn post-secondary credits or workplace certification while completing high school with 24 new partnerships.

For example, students can now take high school courses in carpentry, welding, esthetics, and accounting and get credits at a post-secondary institution.

Dual credit is about enabling students to find their passions and get a lead on life after high school. Whether it’s providing a head start for a post-secondary education or a career, dual credit opportunities help open doors for students.”

~ Michael Kulchisky, CEO, Quinn Contracting Ltd. and Provincial Dual Credit Strategy Committee Member

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