High River’s Wallaceville Demolition: Frequently Asked Questions


Wallaceville High River - arialUpdated September 23rd, 2015

1. What is the current status of the Wallaceville properties?

The Government of Alberta has acquired the majority of the properties in Wallaceville.

Hazardous materials assessments have been completed for all of the structures on those properties and none are deemed suitable for re-sale. All structures will be demolished.

2. When will the structures on the properties be demolished?

Demolition of structures on the acquired properties will begin in October 2015, with completion by December 2015.

3. Who is the demolition contractor?

The demolition contractor is Dakota Reclamators Ltd. The contract was awarded through a public tendering process.

4. How can I purchase salvaged items?

The general contractor is responsible for resale of any salvaged items deemed fit for re-use.

All inquiries regarding the purchase of salvaged items are to be directed to the contractor, Dakota Reclamators Ltd. They can be reached at 403-294-0330 or by email at dakota@dakotaltd.com

5. If I have general questions about Wallaceville or the demolitions, who can I ask?

For general questions regarding Wallaceville please contact the Town of High River at 403-603-3583 or Alberta Infrastructure at 780-415-0507 (toll free in Alberta 310-0000) or Infra.Contact.Us.@gov.ab.ca.

6. Why does the Town of High River want to return Wallaceville to an undeveloped state?

The Town’s engineering study shows that, in its current state, Wallaceville requires significant flood mitigation. Due to its ground water levels and the winding path of the river through the neighbourhood, it is susceptible to repeated flooding.

Engineers for the Town have recommended Wallaceville be returned to an undeveloped state in order to widen the river channel in this location, eliminating the chokepoint and providing a greater degree of flood
protection for High River. This unique solution will provide a higher degree of protection to the entire community.

7. Who will own the land at the end of this process?

The Province of Alberta will own the land at the end of the process. The land will be
designated for long-term flood management and mitigation. No new development will be allowed in this area.