High River’s Cancer Care…..close to home: We’re Almost There!

The Cancer Care…close to home campaign was launched in the spring of 2013 with the goal of the High River District Health Care Foundation and the Rotary Club of High River partnering to each raise $500,000 to support the expansion and enhancement of the High River Community Cancer Centre at the High River Hospital and we are almost there.

The Foundation has fulfilled its fundraising commitment and has further committed to supporting this project to a maximum of $2 million for the renovation and $500,000 for the equipment and furnishings. Included in this is the over one million dollars that will be raised through the Cancer Care…close to home campaign and the balance coming from the Foundation’s reserve fund. Although the fundraising goal is almost fulfilled, the Foundation recognizes that there will be a need to support the Cancer Centre on an ongoing basis. Moving forward, the Foundation plans to continue with the Cancer Care…close to home program and ensure that local cancer patients receive the very best treatment…close to home.

Rotary will work to fulfill their fundraising goal in 2015 through the following events:

  • Lobster Boil – May 30
  • Golf Tournament – July 17
  • Art Show & Sale – October 2015

To sponsor, donate or participate visit www.rotaryclubhighriver.org or talk to any Rotary Member.

Source: High River Cancer Care….close to home