High River Road Work Update as of October 3

A couple of items to take special note of are:

7 & 8 Streets SW (north of MacLeod Trail) & 5 Avenue

o   Road work is scheduled to begin with milling on October 6th on 7 Street, 5 Avenue, and 8 Street in that order.  The milling process is expected to be done in one day with flaggers utilized to facilitate traffic movement.

o   Once the milling is complete, road reconstruction will commence for all three roads, one at a time.  This will require a full road closure, again one at a time.  Reconstruction will begin with 7 Street and will require the road to be closed from October 6 – 10.  The same sequence will be followed for the remaining roads – once 7 Street is opened 5 Avenue work will proceed, and once 5 Avenue is open 8 Street work will proceed.  This process means only one road will be closed at a time. Please watch for detour signage in the area.

6 Street SW (north of MacLeod Trail)

o   Paving work is anticipated to take place next week.

6th Street W (south of MacLeod Trail)

o   Paving work is anticipated to take place next week.

12 Avenue SW (from West Town Dike to town limits)

o   Road resurfacing will begin on this section of 12 Avenue SW on October 6th. Week one will be preparing the gravel base. The following week a chip seal surface will be applied. Vehicle access will be available throughout construction. Flaggers will facilitate traffic movement.

Road Work, Underground Utility Repairs and Back Lane Gravel Remediation Update
as of October 3, at 9:30 a.m., 2014

Following is the revised anticipated schedule based on the current weather forecast.


3rd Avenue SW

  • Sidewalk and crosswalk work is continuing.
  • Paving stone work is slated to begin October 3.
  • Tree trenching and irrigation installation has begun.
  • Weather interruptions have moved the anticipated opening date to mid-October.
  • Reminder: when 3rd Avenue reopens it will no longer be a one-way street and traffic will flow in both directions. Signage will alert drivers of this new lane change. Ads have been placed in the High River Times and Town Crier to help alert residents.

Intersection of 1 Street SW & 4 Avenue SW

  • Is now open.

Intersection of Macleod Trail & 4 Avenue SW

  • The intersection is now open.
  • The intersection crosswalks still need to be completed and this work will require a 1-2 day closure. This work will happen after 3 Avenue is open to assist in the movement of vehicles and construction equipment. It is anticipated that the crosswalk will be completed before the end of October.

4th Avenue SW

  • Utility installation is complete and electrical installation is in progress.
  • Preparation and forms for road and curb work will begin next week.

Municipal Building/Town Hall Parking lots

The six stalls requiring repair in the lot directly adjacent to the Municipal Building are still to be scheduled. Work is anticipated for an evening or weekend in the near future.

Southeast High River

2 Avenue SE & 5 Street SE

  • 2 Avenue will remain closed for approximately another 2 weeks – weather depending. A temporary access has been created for the mobile home park residents. Alternate access routes are signed in the area.

Back alley work

  • Sunshine Meadows south area is complete.
  • Excavation has started in the Sunshine Meadows north area and the work is expected to be completed within one to two weeks.

9 Avenue SE

  • The majority of work is complete. The remaining asphalt work on the corner will not require a road closure.

Montrose Pond

  • Removal of the silt has begun and will continue through mid-October.

Montrose Bridge

  • The bridge is on track for October 2014 opening.

Nissen Storm Pond

  • De-watering Nissen Storm Pond has begun. Sediment removal will follow.

Southwest High River

Back alley workincludes removal of silt and gravel and replacement with new gravel.

  • Highwood area – utility locates have been requested and work is expected to start in approximately two weeks.
  • Final adjustments and minor touch-ups for all alleys will be completed throughout October.

McLaughlin Meadows

  • Various localized street repairs have been completed on areas affected by dike construction traffic. A few patches on MacLeod Trail near Deibert Close and Highwood Trail are outstanding and will be completed in the coming weeks.

9 Street SW (north of MacLeod Trail)

  • Water and sewer infrastructure replacement will wrap-up next week. This will be followed by concrete replacement work and road re-construction (re-paving). The road is expected to remain closed for approximately another 3 weeks.

7 Avenue SW – between 1 & 2 Streets

  • Waterline and sewer replacement is in progress. Temporary water lines were installed. Work is anticipated to be completed by the end of next week.
  • The majority of the concrete curb and sidewalk repairs are complete. Remaining work (site restoration) will be completed by the end of October.

The multitude of road works in the southwest requires numerous full and partial closures and these will continue throughout October. Crews will continue to sign and guide residents through the area. Thank you to everyone for your patience.

Residents are reminded to follow all detour signs and keep a safe distance from the construction sites and equipment during this work.

Updates will be posted weekly at www.highriver.ca and as needed, alerts can be found on Twitter: