High River Road Work, Underground Utility Repairs and Back Lane Gravel Remediation Update

HIGH RIVER, AB: The following road work, utility repairs and back lane gravel remediation is expected to begin next week, July 28, 2014. As with all construction projects, start dates and timelines are affected by weather and other unforeseen construction circumstances.

Rear Lane Remediation

The recently-announced rear lane remediation program will begin in the southwest part of town on Tuesday, July 29. The work includes removal of the existing silt and gravel and placement of new gravel in the main laneway. Door flyers are being delivered to homes in the area that list actions residents will need to take including, removing items from back lanes such as vehicles, motorhomes and trailers, and garbage and recycling bins.

Lane work will begin between 9 Street and 8 Street SW, south of Macleod Trail. Work will proceed sequentially through other lanes in the area, moving southward and eastward through the old rodeo grounds and downtown areas during August.

9 Street SW Closure

9 Street SW will be closed north of Macleod Trail beginning Monday July 28, and will remain closed for 3-4 weeks to allow for sewer line replacement, ATCO gas line replacement and a complete rebuilding of the road. This project will repair damage incurred during the flood, and during construction of the West Town Dike this spring.

Bow Mark Paving has provided notice to affected homes in the area listing actions residents will need to take including moving vehicles. Rear lanes in the area will remain available for access, and pedestrian access will also be accommodated along 9 Street. Residents are reminded to follow all detour signs and keep a safe distance from the construction site and equipment during this work.

Future work

Additional street and utility repairs will continue in the southwest area throughout the rest of 2014. Updates will be posted on the Town’s website and social media channels. The Town appreciates the ongoing patience of residents in this area who have seen continuous construction over the past year.

Important Note: Some homeowners on 9 Street north of Macleod Trail may have received separate notices from two contractors indicating that their street and lanes would be closed at the same time. Please note that the rear lanes north of Macleod will NOT be closed at this time, and will remain accessible during the front-street closure. The Town will try to directly contact all homeowners who may have received the conflicting notices, to clarify the correct closure information.