High River River Monitoring Report – May 23rd


Water levels are slightly above normal for this time of year but remain within the normal range for later in the season indicating that the melt is occurring 2-3 weeks earlier than is typical.

Conditions along the Bow River system upstream of Calgary are being watched closely and advisories will be updated as required. No significant flooding is expected at this time.

The precipitation that has fallen over the past 48 hours has not significantly affected water levels in streams flowing out of the eastern slopes. Generally, water level rises were less, or expected to be less than 30 cm.



Since Wednesday afternoon (May 16th) widespread showers and rain (5-15 mm) was observed over much of central and southern Alberta, with areas in the foothills and eastern slopes receiving higher amounts of precipitation (10-25 mm).

There will be minimal precipitation forecast for the next week. Scattered showers in the region are possible for the upcoming weekend and there is no significant rainfall expected.

Highwood River Flow Rates:

The Highwood River remains above normal levels for this time of year and has not had any significant change in the past week. Current flow rates as of May 23, 2018 for the Highwood River range from 36.6-43.8 cms.

Source: High River Emergency Management