High River RCMP c/o Male in Possession of a Rifle

On Tuesday, July 7th 2015, at approximately 12:34 PM, the High River RCMP received a 9-1-1 call advising of a male dressed in combat fatigues and reported to be carrying a rifle in a housing complex in north-east portion High River.  Information was received that the male was moving around the housing complex, while pointing his weapon at both the complex and passing vehicles.  Several members responded and found the male youth, along with a number of children playing games.  A teenager was part of the group, who was the subject of the call.  He was dressed in military type clothing and carrying a pellet rifle which could not be clearly distinguished as a toy.   This toy was seized and it will be turned over to the youths parents.  The names of those involved are not being release.   The RCMP wish to remind all parents that if their children are playing with these types toys, that they need to be easily recognizable as such – TOYS.