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High River: Public Auction for Properties in Tax Arrears Cancelled

HIGH RIVER, AB: A public auction was scheduled for Friday, May 4, under the provision of the Municipal Government Act, to offer for sale three (3) parcels that were in tax arrears with the Town.

One of the properties has now fully paid the arrears and the Town will finalize the notification process with Land Titles for the remaining two properties on the list. The Town will then advise a new date for the sale in accordance with tax recovery process.

Municipalities rely on the collection of property taxes to provide services, to make improvements to their infrastructure and to meet their financial obligations.

Under Section 304 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), the property owners are responsible for paying the appropriate property tax.

Under Section 418 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), municipalities must offer for sale at public auction any parcels of land shown on their tax arrears list if the tax arrears are not paid by a certain date.

However, Section 418(4) allows the Municipality to enter into a repayment of arrears agreement and/or receive full payments until the date of the public auction and properties will continue to be removed from the tax sale list.

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