High River Parks & Green Spaces Nearing the Finish Line

It’s almost done -25 years of green spaces and parks projects have been remediated and rebuilt in High River. There are still a few playgrounds to complete, water features to fine tune and general odds and ends to tweak but what an accomplishment!

  • 33 green spaces & parks re-established
  • Hundreds of boulevards aerated, top dressed, sodded or seeded
  • Benches added and replaced
  • Tress planted, flower beds restored, native plant materials strategically planted
  • Pathways repaired
  • Playgrounds rebuilt and added

The frosting on the cake – renewal and parks have worked closely with contractors to restore spaces with a “build it better” mentality – sustainably, ecologically responsible, improved functionality, and financially responsible (both now and for future maintenance).

What’s next

Now that fall in upon us, the remaining trees and plant material can be planted. The early fall planting will give the plants a chance to establish themselves before winter hibernation.

What growth and establishment looks like

While newly planted and restored areas are welcomed sights, they will mature and become more beautiful with time. Time is essential to the establishment and aesthetics of new grassed, planted and naturalized areas. All living things take time to grow and mature. The length of time will vary with the species planted and weather conditions. Naturalized areas will take three to five years to reach a fuller look.

Preventing and controlling weeds

Preventing and controlling weeds is an important part of building healthy looking communities that everyone can enjoy. You can expect to see more weeds growing than usual over the next year, as past flood waters have resulted in seeds being spread throughout the community. Newly planted areas can also be susceptible to weeds, as is the case on some dikes.

As healthy grasses and vegetation grow, the majority of weeds will be choked out. Corrective action has been taken in some circumstances and includes hand pulling of weeds, and limited targeted used of chemicals. It will take time, even years, to reach the substantially weed free environment for our community.

Parks is dedicated to maintaining these sites in the coming years and to managing our new environmentally responsible green spaces. All the hard work will be worth it in the end.

Source Parks Renewal