High River: Parking on 4 Avenue S.W


HIGH RIVER, AB: Fourth Avenue S.W. has recently re-opened to traffic and the Town is reminding drivers to park within the designated areas marked in red on the map.

2015 06 23-4th AVE PARKINGSeveral vehicles have been seen parking in the driving lane or on the pedestrian boulevard areas and Town Municipal Enforcement will now be leaving flyers on windshields of vehicles that are parked incorrectly.

“The street is not a straight line and, because it has a jog in it, people are accidentally parking in a driving lane causing a safety hazard,” says Alexa Stone, engineering inspector with the Town.

The Town will only leave information flyers as a gentle reminder for drivers to park in the designated areas; however, if vehicles are parked in a driving lane they may be subject to towing for impeding traffic.

The information flyers will be used until a permanent signage plan is implemented.