High River Heritage Advisory Board Launches Summer Contest

The Town’s Heritage Advisory Board has developed a ‘Heritage Hunt’ contest that will begin on June 22 and continue through the summer.

“The contest is a fun way for us to educate and raise awareness about the town’s heritage properties,” says Jim Dokken, Heritage Advisory Board member. “There will be three separate opportunities throughout the summer to enter and win.”

Contest participants will be invited to decipher clues and then submit their guesses for each of the three parts of the contest. Clues will be posted for the first property in the June 22 Town Crier, as well as on the Town’s websiteTwitterInstagram and Facebook.

“Each of the clues describes one of the Town’s Heritage properties and residents can participate by submitting their guesses before the deadline for each part of the contest,” says Kim Unger, parks planning supervisor for the Town.

Part one begins on June 22 and the deadline for guesses will be July 19. Participants can submit their guesses via email to KUnger@highriver.ca or write their guess on paper ballots that will be available at the Town Office, the High River Library and the Museum of the Highwood.

“We will allow one entry per person per contest and the winner of each contest will be awarded with a $100 gift certificate to a High River business,” adds Unger.

As each participant will need to fill out a ballot that includes their personal contact information, guesses made via social media cannot be accepted. Participants are asked to include their guess, name, email and phone number in email submissions. Each CORRECT guess will be entered into a draw for the prize.

Part two and three of the contest will offer a new set of clues for a new heritage property. Part two begins July 20 and the deadline for guesses will be August 16. Part three of the contest begins August 17 and the deadline for guesses will be September 13.

“Your first hint in the contest is that the properties are not homes or schools and all clues will feature exterior images only, so there’s no need to access the interior of buildings to confirm your guess,” adds Dokken.

The winners of all three parts of the contest will be announced at the end of September. Read more at www.highriver.ca/heritage-hunt-contest