High River Council Putting Town-owned Property on the Market Come Spring

HIGH RIVER, AB: Council has decided to place a Town-owned property on the market as early as spring 2019. The property is located at 410 Macleod Trail S.W.

“The property includes a lot that is 0.2 acres or just over 800 square metres and is located at the southern edge of George Lane Park, making it a prime location in a beautiful setting for a family to put their roots down in High River,” says Tom Maier, High River Town Manager.

Over the last couple of years, the Town has been reviewing the property to determine if it could be repurposed for community programs or services. The result was that the property would be better suited for home ownership rather than for municipal use.

“We would support any use of the property that would add vibrancy to the community – be it an updated residence or even a new business,” says Maier. “The sky’s the limit with this property, and we have a new Land Use Bylaw that can help make it happen.”

With the help of a local real estate agent, the Town anticipates a possible listing price of $200,000. “The sale revenue, less the realtor fees, will be returned to the Town’s reserves for future capital needs,” says Maier.

During their regular meeting on December 10, 2018, Council also directed Administration to look into the demolition of the home currently on the property to determine if selling the property as land only will result in a higher listing price.

Currently, the property costs the Town roughly $5,000 in annual operational expenses, plus an annual loss in tax revenue.

The property was purchased by the Town in 2007 for the purpose of resolving a boundary dispute, which has since been resolved. Between 2008 and 2013 the property was occupied by a residential tenant, but it has been vacant since June of 2013.

“The property will be sold in accordance with the Town’s Real Property Transactions Policy (#POL-24-102-00), and we will advertise it at the current market value,” adds Maier.

The Town will release more information on highriver.ca when the property has been listed.