High River Council Approves Budget to Start Repairs to Pool Next Month

HIGH RIVER, AB: Town Council approved an additional $225,000 on Monday, November 26, 2018 to begin the necessary grounding remediation and repair work on the pool at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex.

“Now that Council has approved the full project budget, we’ll be awarding the project to the successful Request for Proposal (RFP) proponent this week,” says Reiley McKerracher, director of engineering, planning and operations with the Town.

The RFP was put out after receiving initial approval of $50,000 from Council on October 13 to proceed with hiring an engineering firm to complete a design for the grounding remediation and repair work. The design outlines the components of the work that need to take place in order for the pool to reopen and was the basis of the RFP.

“It is expected that the remediation work will start early in December 2018, and could be completed as early as the first week of February 2019,” says McKerracher. “But as with many construction projects, timelines may be adjusted due to unforeseeable factors. It’s best to stay updated on the pool’s reopening by visiting highriver.ca.”

The pool has been closed since September 2018. It was originally scheduled to reopen in October; however, some issues were identified when a grounding test was performed during the pool’s annual maintenance. Grounding is a safety measure used to help prevent people from accidentally coming in contact with electrical hazards.

Based on this, the pool’s closure was extended into early 2019 in order to complete the grounding remediation and repairs, and ensure the safety of patrons and pool staff.

“The good news is that with these repairs being completed now, there won’t be a need for a 2019 shutdown for annual maintenance and the next scheduled shutdown would be fall of 2020,” adds McKerracher.

Along with the grounding work, new underwater lighting to provide an additional safety measure for lifeguards to see below the water’s surface, repairs to fix small leaks and concrete degradation of the pool tank, and installation of safety equipment under the pool deck will also be completed.

“This remediation work and additional ‘little fixes’ will help us extend the lifespan of the pool for next little while as we begin to implement a new asset management program,” says McKerracher. “As well, the 10-year capital budget, being discussed with Council in early December, will provide us with a better understanding of how we will save for and prioritize the bigger ticket items like a brand new or upgraded aquatics centre.”

The Town of High River thanks all residents for their continued patience while these repairs are completed. We recognize the inconvenience this may pose for pool patrons and residents, and appreciate their cooperation.

For updates on the pool reopening, please visit highriver.ca.