High River Council Approves 2020 Operating & Capital Budgets

High River Council Approves 2020 Operating & Capital Budgets

High River Council Approves 2020 Operating & Capital Budgets

Residential property tax increase of 2.8 per cent will ensure continued high quality service

HIGH RIVER, AB – At their December 16 Special Meeting, Town of High River Council approved the 2020 operating and capital budget for the Town of High River.

“Council is committed to maintaining existing service levels that provide safety, quality of life and sound infrastructure to our residents,” noted Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “In our discussions, we focused on how to save money in municipal reserves for the future, while ensuring the budget aligns with priorities such as the continued replacement of aging Town infrastructure.”

Following four days deliberations, Council has approved an overall residential property tax increase of 2.8 per cent. One per cent will go into the community infrastructure re-investment reserve fund and one per cent being put towards utility infrastructure reserves. The remaining 0.8 per cent accounts for annual inflation.

The total monthly impact to a typical average household of $350,000 assessment value is $9.12 per month. For average commercial properties of $1 million assessment value, the tax increase works out to $33.85 per month.

The approved 2020 Town of High River Budget includes a capital budget of $5.9 million focused on building and maintaining Town facilities and infrastructure. The Town’s annual operating budget of $32.8 million focuses on the operations and maintenance of all Town facilities and includes staff wages and benefits for the employees who provide services to our residents and businesses.

“It is important the 2020 budget aligns with Council’s strategic priorities and business plan goals to reflect current priorities as well as the long-term vision for the community and that High River continues to be a desirable place for current and future generations to live a high quality and fulfilling life,” added Mayor Snodgrass.

The budget will be posted on the Town website. For more information, please visit highriver.ca.