High River Broadband Name and Logo Chosen by Town Council

HIGH RIVER, AB: Town Council selected a name and visual identity today to represent the new Broadband initiative coming to High River. High River Connect, the Town’s new broadband service, will be available to businesses located within the identified business districts and surrounding residential dwellings starting in early 2019.

The creator of the visual identity, Ian Penhalagan, suggested the name and logo as part of the Broadband name and logo contest launched by the Town in May 2018.

“The name resonated because of it’s simplicity and clarity – internet has one purpose and that is connecting people to information and to each other, everywhere.,” says Jodi Dawson, manager of economic development with the Town.

The new High River Connect logo incorporates the ‘wifi’ bars within the letter ‘C’ which then turns into a river. The medicine tree from the Town’s logo is represented and connects the rural aspect of the community to the new technology theme.

The new broadband service will provide businesses and residents with speeds of 100 times what is currently available.

“High speed internet is critical in today’s economy. This service will allow businesses to operate in High River and connect with their customers, employees and partners no matter where they are in the world,” says Dawson.

Broadband services will become part of the Town’s utilities as a fee-for-service model, and to help stimulate this model, the Town is asking interested businesses in the the downtown business district as well as the south east industrial districtto contact the Economic Development office for more information.

“By offering this new service, we are taking another step towards the Town becoming a major player in innovation.” says Dawson. “We’re offering high-speed internet for progressive entrepreneurs who know the importance of this connection in today’s economy.”

The broadband initiative is a $685,720 five-year capital project. It will begin generating revenue for the Town when the service model is in place. The open infrastructure will be provided by the Town and can be used by any provider to deliver services to customers.

Final pricing and structure details will be made available in the fall and will be based in competitive short-term contracts. High River businesses are encouraged to express their interest in the service so that the Town can finalize its build plan and address the higher demand areas as a priority.

To express interest in the service or to learn more, please visit highriver.ca/broadband.