High River 2016 Snow Removal Policy


All residential properties in High River are subject to the Town’s Snow Removal Bylaw, meaning that snow must be cleared from pathways and sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowfall.

This bylaw applies only to residential and commercial properties outside of the downtown area as the Town has assumed temporary responsibility for ensuring that all sidewalks in the downtown area will remain clear of snow for the 2016 season.

Council has directed administration to begin clearing downtown sidewalks after every snowfall in order to maintain access to businesses in this area. This includes Macleod Trail from 1 Avenue to 6 Avenue S.W., 1 Street S.W. from 1 Avenue up to 7 Avenue S.W. and along both sides of 3, 4 and 5 avenues S.W.

Residential and commercial property owners outside of the downtown area are reminded that they are responsible for having sidewalks cleared regardless of whether their property is occupied, vacant or is an unoccupied distressed property.

If property owners cannot remove snow on sidewalks adjacent to their property in accordance with the bylaw, they are encouraged to make alternate arrangements with friends, neighbours or contractors.

The Town would like to thank all residents who have volunteered their time as “snow angels” by assisting with snow removal in front of homes in their neighbourhoods.

If you are interested becoming a snow angel, or require their services, please call 403-603-3566 or email  dseaman@highriver.ca

For information on the Town’s priority snow plow routes visit www.highriver.ca – click the ‘Residents’ menu and then select ‘Roads and Infrastructure.’