High Country Rural Crime Watch: WhatsApp Trial


On Monday evening, a local resident arranged an informative speaker to share the history of property and personal rights and why we should expect to have good government and how we can participate. Long story short, after the presentation and hearing about some of the recent crime continuing in our area, there was good discussion about how we can protect ourselves, with suggestions to join our Rural Crime Watch, which is currently 742 members strong, and to get into communication with neighbours at a closer level, etc.

• As a result, we formed a “WhatsApp” group. We’re doing a test case for ourselves in a localized area to see how it works for us.
• The goal is to get critical information to the RCMP asap, whether you join a group or not.
• Perhaps within the HCRCWA and Turner Valley RCMP Detachment area, we could form a few of these smaller localized groups for instant reporting so we can help catch crime in progress and report to the RCMP when a situation appears to be emerging. Maybe some of you have already formed other WhatsApp groups? Let us know how its going…
• Please remember to call 911 if something is in progress or call the Complaints Line if it is after-the-fact.
• After discussion with our RCMP Detachment, I learned that RCMP could monitor our WhatsApp dialogues, but can’t see them 24/7 and can’t be called out based on a text. So, for best results, someone still has to initiate their process by calling 911 or the Complaints Line. This will get the closest officer to be able to respond to the situation asap.
• HCRCWA is planning on setting up an event or two in the near future: “Removing Yourself from the Potential Victim Pool” and “Personal Protection” (training). More details soon.