High Country Rural Crime Watch: Turner Valley RCMP Update

The following criminal activity has been reported in the last few days:

• Last night, residents off Coalmine Road reported a suspicious dark-coloured truck rummaging through their vehicles in their yard while they were at home. RCMP attended.
• Tampering with Post Boxes near Priddis occurred over the weekend (damaged but did not gain entry)
• SEVERAL REPORTS have been made about a White Dodge Truck lurking in driveways along Priddis Valley Road and scoping out properties in the Priddis area near Hwy 22. This report led to the identification of the truck and suspects (Plate# BSJ 1392) and an investigation is ongoing.
• Theft of “Dark Sky Country Sign” over the weekend – from the location of at 192 St. W and 242 Ave.
• 2018-04-21 Break & Enter to residence SW of Priddis.
• 2018-04-21 Locks cut on gate and residence broken into.
• Theft of Telus copper wire is an ongoing issue. Every month or so they get a chunk of copper wire stolen. Recently this activity took out the phone system on the North end of Hwy 762 approximately 2 km north of Plummers Road and on the “S” turns. The suspect vehicle is a Chev/GMC extended cab.
• Unconfirmed from RCMP at time of this message, but was reported to HCRCWA: April 22, 2018 Vehicle broken into near 186 Ave. W. In March and again last week in April, a Black Mercedes Van is casing out the area and using a DRONE to spy on residences in the Priddis area. (This will be reported to RCMP today.)

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please report suspicious activity at the time it occurs:

• Call 911, if it is in progress.
• Call the RCMP Complaints Line 403.933.4262, if it is after-the-fact.
• Also note that you could call 911 a second time if necessary, to report a change of circumstances or request emergency response information.
• Your involvement is making a difference!
• Our detachment is creating a presence in the area both day and night.
• PLEASE lock your vehicles.