High Country Rural Crime Watch: Suspicious Vehicles and Individuals

The Turner Valley R.C.M.P. has asked us to circulate the following announcements:

In the past three days, Turner Valley R.C.M.P. have responded to reports of two suspicious vehicles in the MD Foothills area.

First vehicle:

A four-door Silver Honda Ridgeline. The car is stolen and does not match its license plate. Its occupants at the time were a native male in his early twenties and two female passengers. In the middle of the night, the group approached landowners to ask for gas.

Second vehicle (a different incident):

White Infiniti sedan with two male occupants who cut the lock off the homeowner’s gate, parked on the property, and rang the doorbell of the home. When no one answered right away, the males covered their faces and started to walk further onto the property. The homeowner came out, the males took off in the vehicle noted.


The second incident happened to one of our members who gave us further details:

We had an attempted break in today, just after noon. The doorbell rang but should not have done so since our gate was locked and chained. I went to the front door and saw two young white men in a new Infiniti saloon car. The driver called his companion “Todd.”

They panicked when they saw me, then asked if we were “selling a dog.” I asked them how they had driven through a locked gate, and they realized they had made a mistake.

I have them on video, called the RCMP and gave them the video and a statement. They had cut both the padlock and the chain.

Source: HCRCWA