High Country Rural Crime Watch Share Rural Crime Statistics from RCMP

High Country Rural Crime Watch Share Rural Crime Statistics from RCMP


By John Robin Allan

Below are some statistics from the R.C.M.P. about crime in our area. They make for some fascinating reading. Here are some notes I made when I went through the figures:

1. Many of the figures have such small numbers that they are meaningless for trying to find trends. In the past four years we have had one homicide, in 2013. That shows no trend, so we can ignore the trend box for very low figures.

2. The number of assaults is disturbing, but they are also going down. From a high of 53 in 2013, we had “only” 18 in 2015.

3. In three of the past four years, we have had only one occurrence of Kidnapping / Hostage / Abduction. That, of course, is one too many.

4. Extortion is on the rise. Between 2012 and 2014, we had none, but in 2015 we had two cases. Still the figures are very small.

5. A good sign is that the number of persons committing these crimes is steadily diminishing, from 75 in 2012, to 74, to 46. to just 41 in 2015.

6. More disturbing are the statistics for break and enter crimes. The number is still too high, and that is what the H. C. R. C. W. A. is trying to prevent. At first it appeared we were succeeding, from 23 such crimes in 2012, to 18 the following year, to 17 in 2014, and then we jumped to 26, the highest number yet.
We urge you to be vigilant to anything unusual in your neighbourhood, record what you see (on paper or on camera: licence plates, descriptions, etc.), and then let the R. C. M. P. know about it. Even if you think what you see is not important, they can put it together with other reports and see trends that may prevent crimes and lead to arrests. Do not decide for yourself what is important. Let the police do that for you.

7. Thefts of motor vehicles is rising, from seven in 2012 to ten this past year. A similar disturbing trend is in thefts of over $5,000 worth of goods, from four in 2012 to eight in 2015.

8. There is some good news in the number of false alarms and false or abandoned 911 calls. From 71 for the former in 2013, we are now at 55. The false or abandoned 911 calls figures are most promising, from 129 in 2012 to just 26 last year.

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We are grateful to the R. C. M. P. for their work in trying to protect us and for their reporting of both successes and failures. We can make their job easier by getting more persons to join the H. C. R. C. W. A. The cost is free and each new member gives law enforcement another set of eyes to help keep our communities safe.

Talk to your neighbours and urge them to join our association. They can contact us either through the website (http://www.hcrcwa.ca/contact.html) or through our phone number: 403-931-2407. As the phone number implies, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, of course, 52 weeks a year.

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