Healthy Hints from Pharmasave: Giving Life to Others ~ Tani’s Gift

Tani Goodman’s promising life ended tragically in an accident when he was just 17, but in his family’s eyes, his spirit lives on, thanks to the medical miracle of organ donation.

Six people have either had their lives saved or reaped tremendous health benefits as a result of receiving Tani’s organs. These new leases on life bring great comfort to Tani’s family.

“We understand nothing will bring my brother back, but knowing his organs are in other people is a good feeling,” says his sister, Yael. “His spirit is living – the spirit of giving.” Yael says Tani would have wanted his organs donated and the family felt it was “the right thing to do.”

Today, the Goodmans keep in touch with the beneficiaries of Tani’s organs and are actively involved in promoting the cause of organ donation.

Although the Goodmans’ story is heartwarming, it is not nearly as common as it could or should be. According to the International Association for Organ Donation, a new patient joins the list of people in need of an organ every 13 minutes.

These numbers highlight the growing need for organs and the importance of people making their wishes known that they would, if possible, be willing to donate.

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