Healthy Development April Conversation Meeting

Next week’s regularly scheduled (first Tuesday of the month) “Healthy Development” meeting will be at the usual time of 7:00pm, but the meeting will be held at the Turner Valley Golf Club. 
*********  Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 7:00pm at the Turner Valley Golf Club    **********
The reason behind the shift in venue is that this next meeting will focus on the pathways planning in Turner Valley. This follows up on last month’s meeting where the focus was on the pathways planning in Black Diamond. Matt Atkinson, the Planning Coordinator for Turner Valley, and Gary Taylor, the General Manager at the Golf Club, will both give presentations about pathways planning and development. The hope is there will be an opportunity for folks attending to engage in some design work before the evening is over, much as they did following Rod Ross’ presentation concerning the pathways planning in Black Diamond.
In addition, they will have an opportunity to schedule a time (or times) to actually get out and walk several of the more interesting trail development possibilities.


Note from Chris Weingarth:
As some of you may be aware, there is currently another important conversation underway in the civic arena in Black Diamond concerning taxes in town. The group, Citizens Concerned about Property Taxes, which has Glen Fagan as its main spokesperson, has done tremendous work in beginning to examine the amount of taxes the town collects, how it spends that money, and in understanding those in both a regional and historic context. The group presented their concerns at the last Committee of the Whole meeting and also held a very well attended meeting at the Griffiths Centre last Tuesday.
The reason I mention it here is that one of the more interesting things that came up during the discussion at the Griffiths Centre was the group’s view that the town’s Parks and Recreation Department is particularly well managed and in fact more than pays its way. As we continue our conversation about pathways in both Black Diamond and Turner Valley it will be important to keep in view the costs associated with both the development and maintenance of pathways and trails and how those will be addressed. That Parks and Rec is as well managed as it is bodes well for the continued development of the pathways in town.
By way of contributing to the overall discussion of taxation I’ve attached an essay from this year’s January/February issue of albertaviews magazine titled, Taxes: A Small Price to Pay for Civilization, by Alex Himelfarb. I found it an interesting and nuanced consideration of taxation and the collective benefits that result – benefits which are often underappreciated.