Health Minister responds to Protection for Persons in Care decisions

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman issued the following statement on the release of decisions related to reports of mistreatment of three residents at the Kipnes Centre for Veterans in late 2014 and early 2015.

“I am deeply disturbed by cases of abuse at the Kipnes Centre that an investigation has determined to be founded, and by a new allegation at the facility that has recently come to our attention. Our seniors have a right to live in a safe environment, and cases of mistreatment will absolutely not be tolerated.

“The allegations from late 2014 and early 2015 were investigated thoroughly under the Protection for Persons in Care Act. Kipnes has been given directives to which they must respond, and staff involved have been subject to disciplinary action. We have also been informed that CapitalCare and AHS have both completed reviews at the Centre, and have already taken a number of actions.

“As with any case of reported abuse, we are taking the most recent allegation very seriously, and the Edmonton Police Service is investigating. Protection for Persons in Care will also be thoroughly investigating this alleged incident. I’ve asked that the investigation be expedited in light of the other recent issues at this facility.

“I want to reassure residents at the Centre – and their families and loved ones – that their safety and the quality of care they receive are our highest priorities. Officials from Alberta Health Services are monitoring the facility and providing support to staff and management in implementing the directives. They will work with the facility until all concerns have been addressed.

“Families that report incidents to Protection for Persons in Care are to be commended. Through their vigilance, they help us identify ways to improve safety in seniors’ facilities. Alberta Health is in the process of finalizing new care standards for all continuing care facilities. These standards will also help prevent these types of incidents from happening.

“I also want to acknowledge the dedicated, hardworking staff in Alberta’s continuing care system. These individuals take care of our loved ones every day, and do their best to make people in our facilities feel safe and at home. By far, the vast majority of them provide the quality, compassionate care we hope and expect our loved ones will receive.”