Health Minister Issues Directive on Proposed Lab Services

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman has directed Alberta Health Services (AHS) to take no further steps in expanding the level of laboratory services delivered by private entities at this time.

The directive also requires AHS to immediately cancel the RFP process for the delivery of private laboratory services in Edmonton and northern Alberta.

“There has been a lot of interest, comment, and divergent viewpoints about an RFP that would have resulted in the expansion of private lab services delivery in Edmonton and northern Alberta. I do not feel that I have enough evidence telling me that this plan was in the best interests of Albertans, or that there is a strong public benefit. Therefore, I have directed AHS to cancel its RFP process.”

~ Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health

If AHS’ Edmonton Laboratory RFP process had continued, private delivery of lab services would have increased in the northern and Edmonton zones, bringing the proportion of private delivery to 30 per cent province wide.

“High quality, comprehensive and reliable laboratory services are an important part of our health care system. It is my responsibility to ensure that all publicly-funded services are in the best interests of Albertans.”

~ Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health

A thorough review of all types of service delivery models that considers the broad public interest will be conducted before any final decisions are made.