Health Canada Reminds Canadian Pet Owners to Carefully Follow Directions on Flea and Tick Product Labels

Health Canada continues to receive reports of cats and dogs becoming ill from flea and tick treatments. As flea and tick season approaches, Health Canada would like to remind Canadians about how to safely use these pesticide products on family pets, especially those applied directly to the pets’ skin.

Improper use of these products can potentially lead to adverse reactions in cats and dogs. Skin irritation is the most common symptom. Other reactions can be neuromuscular, such as tremors, or gastrointestinal, such as vomiting.

What you should do

  • Pet owners using flea and tick control products should:
  • Carefully read and follow the label directions.
  • Use flea and tick control products only on the animal specified on the product label – dog products for dogs and cat products for cats.
  • Use only the amount of product specified in the instructions based on the size and weight of your pet. Do not apply products to animals younger than the minimum age stated on the label.
  • Discuss any concerns about the use of flea and tick products with a veterinarian or the product’s manufacturer.

A video on the safe use of flea and tick treatment is available on Health Canada’s website.

Report health and safety concerns

Report any adverse events to the manufacturer, who is required by law to report it to Health Canada. Contact information can be found on the product label. You may also report an incident for products with a Pest Control Product (PCP) number directly to Health Canada by completing a domestic animal incident form and returning it by mail to the appropriate address.

Health Canada continues to work closely with manufacturers and veterinary professionals to ensure that flea and tick treatments are safe for pets and pet owners.