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HCRCWA Shares RCMP Crime Report: Priddis Break-in

On February 26 at 8:00 pm, a resident of Hawks Landing returned home to find his house had been broken into in the previous 2 hours.  Suspects had already left the scene. Entry was gained by prying open the garage man door.  Phones, jewelry, ladies clothing, ladies accessories and electronics are among the things reported stolen.  After inquiries were done, there appears to be no surveillance of the area at the time. Unknown how many suspects or how they were travelling.

No other reported Break and Enters during this time.

The RCMP member liaison of Turner Valley encourages anyone who witnesses suspicious or dangerous activity to contact their office and make a formal complaint. This makes the members of the RCMP aware of the event at the time and if they happen to be in the area, they can check it out. Many people do not want to bother the RCMP or be put in a position as a witness, but if a member happens to be in the area they may observe the situation or person or vehicle. Even if it is a report just for information purposes, the members can attempt to make patrols in the area while conducting their daily activities and be watchful for noted vehicles or activities. DO NOT confront an intruder!

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