Having a Safe Stampede

Giddy up! The Calgary Stampede is right around the corner.

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth returns July 5-14, bringing with it all kinds of fun and exciting activities.

But the Stampede also brings more than a 10-gallon hat full of potential hazards to the city, so it’s time to saddle up and ponder workplace safety.

Keep in mind, our mission is to protect first responders – these safety tips focus on things you can do to help keep them safe on the job. That said, when you create a safer world for emergency responders, you create a safer environment for everyone.


– Are Stampede decorations, signs, props and equipment properly assembled and securely installed?

– During an emergency, can first responders safely access your site – and can those in attendance exit quickly and safely?

– Are hallways, stairways and other work areas accessible and clutter free?

– Are decorative straw bales fire safe?

– Does your workplace/event site pose additional hazards during non-business hours?

– Are materials safely stored and marked? Are storage areas accessible?

– Are alarms functioning properly?

– If you are making significant renovations, did you get the necessary permits from the city?

– Can emergency vehicles access your work site/event?

– Have you made arrangements for safe transport for party goers who may be drinking alcohol at your event?

– Have you seen these or other hazards at the events you’ve attended?

If you’ve noticed hazards that concern you, please contact Alberta Occupational Health & Safety to discuss how these hazards can be eliminated. Help us to create a culture where safety for first responders is an integral part of every workplace, no matter what time of year it is. Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility.

These are just a few safety questions to consider this Stampede. Please feel free to share more tips and safety discussions in our comments section. Safe Stampeding y’all!