Harper Government Invests In Alberta Projects to Better Support Socially Isolated Senior Caregivers and Seniors Who Are Bullied

Edmonton, Alberta – Edmonton seniors who are facing difficult issues will soon have more support, the Honourable Kevin Sorenson, Minister of State (Finance), announced Thursday on behalf of the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors). Two Alberta organizations are receiving a total of $42,890 through the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP).

The South East Edmonton Seniors Association is receiving funding for its Senior to Senior Anti-Bullying project to develop an anti-bullying toolkit, which will be used to educate and equip elderly persons living in seniors’ residences, as well as residences’ staff to better deal with offensive behaviour and confrontation. Additionally, the Alberta Caregivers Association is receiving funding for its Caregiver Connection Centre project. The aim of this project is to reduce social isolation among senior caregivers by providing a centralized gathering place to connect with other caregivers for mutual support and information sharing.

Quick facts

  • The Government of Canada is providing more than $33.4 million in funding for over 1,770 community-based projects across Canada. NHSP-funded projects help ensure that seniors maintain a good quality of life and are able to be active, participating members of their communities.
  • Economic Action Plan 2014 proposes an additional $5 million per year for the NHSP to support projects that benefit seniors. This is in addition to the $45 million the Government already provides to this program annually.
  • Since 2006, the NHSP has funded more than 13,000 projects in hundreds of communities across Canada.


“Our government is proud to work with the South East Edmonton Seniors and Alberta Caregivers Associations to support their projects, which will equip seniors and staff with skills needed to address bullying and provide additional resources to combat isolation seniors may face as caregivers.” The Honourable Kevin Sorenson, Minister of State (Finance)

“The funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program gives caregivers a place to connect and unwind. Caregiving can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be very challenging and isolating. Connecting with fellow caregivers makes a huge difference – you can almost see a burden being lifted off their shoulders.” Anna Mann, Executive Director of the Alberta Caregivers Association

“Bullying in senior residences is a common response when the give and take of communal living is not properly addressed. SEESA began the for seniors by seniors project, made possible in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizon’s For Seniors Program, to explore how residents can co-create the kind of communities in which they want to live.” Karen Sheridan, member, South East Edmonton Seniors Association (SEESA)

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