Hanukkah: Statement from Premier Notley

Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement extending best wishes for Hanukkah:

 “Every year, as the nights grow longer, Albertans of the Jewish faith will come together to celebrate Hanukkah.

“The eight-day Jewish tradition of Hanukkah, which began more than two thousand years ago, celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Every night, a new candle is lit on the menorah to commemorate the miracle that made a one-day supply of oil last eight full days.

“This cherished festival continues to connect Jewish people to their history, with each new candle honouring the power of faith and the importance of free expression.

“For us all, Hanukkah is a call to unity and a reminder that we are only as strong as our respect for one another. Divisiveness flourishes in darkness, but candlelight pushes back the darkness, and divisiveness is not, and must never be, our way.

“May the lights of the menorah brighten the homes of every Jewish family, a shining reminder of what one tentative flame—and a little faith—can achieve.

“Chag Chanukah Sameach!”