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Hanna RCMP – Thank You To Everyone That Assisted With The Recent Winter Storm

Hanna, Alberta – The recent winter storm created extremely difficult situations for motorists on Monday leaving them stranded for extended periods of time while work was being done to get to them.
Many people were involved in the response to this situation.  The Hanna RCMP Detachment took 90 calls for service within a 20 hour period of time.  These calls were spread out over a large geographic area.  This is an extraordinarily high call volume obviously caused by the winter storm.  RCMP, EMS, Fire crews, road maintenance crews, phone repair crews and the media all played a part in the response to these calls. Everyone worked extremely hard under very difficult circumstances.
The response from Hanna and surrounding area residents was amazing and is indicative of the level of caring and compassion people had during this difficult time.  The residents truly went above and beyond during this storm.
The Hanna Lodge and Bethel Evangelical Church took in close to 80 people that were stranded by the storm.  The Hanna United Church was also prepared and ready to take in more stranded motorists.  There were even residents that opened their homes to complete strangers in need of shelter.
Farmers and members of Hutterite colonies went out with their machinery to assist with opening up roads that were completely blocked in an attempt to allow first responders to get into some of the hardest hit areas.
People on snow machines also drove out to areas where people were stranded to check on them and provide water.
There are likely many more examples.
The RCMP would like to thank everyone for the help they provided and the stranded motorists for their patience while crews were working to get them out.

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