Halloween: Statement from Minister Schulz

Minister of Children’s Services Rebecca Schulz issued the following statement to recognize Halloween:

“Tonight, young Albertans will bundle up and hit the streets in their costumes to take part in the time-honoured tradition of ‘trick-or-treat.’

“While the history of Halloween has links to many different traditions, there is none more Canadian than those kids who march down our streets looking for candy with winter coats somehow stuffed beneath their costumes.  

“So, as our young ones, and sometimes their parents with hot chocolate in hand, are out in our communities dressed as ghouls and ghosts, as Iron Man or Wonder Woman, or in any other creative costumes, let’s hope that this year, we have more treats and fewer tricks.

“And to our kids: remember to stay safe, and have a grown-up check your goodies before chowing down on your Halloween haul.

“Happy Halloween!”