Halifax Explosion: 100 Years Ago

December 6, 1917 is a day the people of Halifax will never forget. 2,000 people were killed and 9,000 more were injured. The world’s attention was on the First World War when the terrible accident happened in Halifax’s harbour.

The Halifax is a beautiful city today but still bears the scars of that event.

The people of Halifax gather today to remember the loss of life and the utter devastation.

Halifax Explosion memorial

Read more about the what happened to this beautiful community and the lives of those lost on the website of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

The people of Nova Scotia never forgot the help they received from Boston and every year they say thank you with the gift of Christmas Tree. For decades, this tradition honours the kindness and support Bostonians offered Nova Scotians in a time of need. This year the tree was delivered on November 21st and the city of Boston held a tree-lighting ceremony on November 30th.