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Haircuts for the Homeless


Haircuts for the Homeless - Misty and clientLocal Okotoks hairdresser, Misty Shingoose, saw a chance to make a difference to people living on the streets in Calgary and jumped on it. Misty works out of her van giving free haircuts to homeless people. This winter she also started collecting warm clothing to hand out to her clients.

Misty needs our help with expenses to keep this free service going. She made some bad decisions as a young person and as a result she has a record that won’t allow her to set up this service in places like the Calgary Drop In Centre. Not to be discouraged Misty decided to go mobile and has a Go Fund Me page to help out with expenses.

Misty wanted to help and found the best way was to use her talents as a hairdresser. Getting a haircut may not seem like a big deal but everyone is judged by their appearance, whether we want to admit it or not. If someone on the street wants to reach out for help with an addiction or apply for a job, a change in their appearance could make that happen.

Check out the Go Fund Me page here if you would like to help Misty on her mission to help others.

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