GRPF: Migrators From Far and Wide

What bird travels 4300km every year to return here to Glenbow Ranch? The Osprey!
OspreyThe Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, is a skilled fisherman and on average catches 1 out of every 4 fish they hunt. It usually only takes 12 minutes to make their first catch, which would put most human fishing experts to shame!

Osprey are not only talented anglers, but loyal too.  Osprey mate for life, and the mating pair that we have here on the park migrate up all the way from South America every year just to fish in the clear, beautiful, Bow River.

The next time you take a walk down across the train tracks, keep an eye out for these extraordinary birds!

(Information from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology – All About Birds)

To learn more about the birds we have at Glenbow Ranch, come on down for a variety of park programs throughout the summer, such as Breathtaking Birds.