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“Groot” the Grizzly Cub Put Down After Rescue

Brandy Gienger and Kyla Woodard run an animal rescue facility in Grande Cache.

By Kyla Woollard (Facebook)
(On May 10th) I had a run in with Alberta Fish and Wildlife. For the first time in my life I have never been so upset.
We found a baby grizzly bear cub, and it was abandoned by its mom 10km outside of Grande Cache, AB. We watched it for 5 days to see if the momma stashed him/her while she was hunting, but that was not the case. On Wednesday May 2nd the baby cub was gone. We got a phone call at 5pm on Tuesday May 8th saying that the bear was still under the bridge. We went down and got it instantly. It was very emaciated, weak and starving. With the guidance of a Bear rescue, We went into action to save the bear cub’s life. As it stands today, May 10th 2018, there are no programs in the province of Alberta guarding the rescue and rehabilitation of grizzly bear cubs. We however did find a rescue with the knowledge and facility to rescue and rehabilitate our bear cub. Alberta Fish and Wildlife took the cub out of our possession and refused to give us a clear answer as to the fate of our bear.
Grizzly Bears belong to the people of Alberta, this meaning that the cub was our bear. We deserve to know what is going to happen to this cub. Grizzly Bears are endangered species. The best care possible is needed to ensure their survival.
Fish and Wildlife, you are well aware that the bear cub needs medical attention, you are accountable for the survival of Alberta’s grizzly bear species.
The officers that dealt with this situation are out of Grande Prairie, AB.
Please help us ensure the safety and future of our grizzly bear cubs.
I was in contact with Wildlife Management of AB and he confirmed that our lil cub (Groot) was euthanized once in the care of the CO; we need justice for Groot!
From Danielle Smith:

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