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Grey Cup Pool Fun-raiser

The good news…you can still buy Grey Cup Pool tickets and have scores to cheer for and maybe win a cash prize or two…all while helping out some wonderful charities. It’s Grey Cup time, and less than 1 week to the big game, this year in Calgary!!

As always, the Knights of Columbus are holding a Grey Cup pool. Tickets are blind, $1.00 each, with prizes of $50.00 each for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter scores, as well as the reverse final. The correct final scores wins $200.00. You don’t have to be a football fan, or even watch the game. If you have a winning ticket, we’ll let you know. If you do watch, having scores to root for makes it much more interesting!! 

Grey Cup Pool Fun-raiser

Each year, we raise almost $1200.00 through this fun fundraiser. Proceeds go to local charities. One this year I believe will be the Feed the Hungry program, which provides a hot, volunteer-provided meal to some 500 people weekly, in the Beltline. I’ve volunteered there in the past, and will again later this month, and I can tell you it is a fantastic event and SOOOOOO well done and received!!

Contact Curt Hanselmann if you want to get in on this fundraiser. You can reach Curt by email: or cell: 403-850-7201.

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