Greg Clark Responds to the Council of Federation Announcement on a Canadian Energy Strategy

Edmonton (July 17 2015): Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark is cautiously optimistic about the results of the Council of Federation meeting and commended all Premiers and their staff who worked hard over the past three years to bring the Canadian Energy Strategy to fruition.

“I’m hopeful this agreement is the first step toward greater market access for Alberta’s oil,” said Clark. “Although the language of the agreement is vague, it’s a framework for continuing to work with other provinces to build pipelines.”

“I am also encouraged by the recognition of the need to address climate change. Energy and environment must be considered together and I believe we can succeed at both.”

Clark called on the Premier to show leadership and push for pipelines in all directions.

“I want to see evidence of the Premier standing up for Alberta by championing all pipelines, not just Energy East,” said Clark. “In her comments to the media she did not close the door to sharing royalties directly with other provinces. This is a non-starter and goes against a fundamental principle of confederation. All Canadians benefit from Alberta oil and gas through the thousands of jobs created by our energy industry, and from transfer payments other provinces receive from Alberta.”