GreenTRIP Round Two Starts its Journey in St. Albert

$30 million in grants will support purchase of clean running buses and new regional smart fare technology.
Transportation Minister Brian Mason hopped aboard a St. Albert Transit commuter bus as he announced new GreenTRIP funding would support the purchase of four electric buses in St. Albert as well as the development of regional smart fare technology that will eventually eliminate the need for public transit riders in the Capital Regional to carry cash.

The announcement is the first in the second round of Government of Alberta GreenTRIP funding announcements and underlines the Notley government’s commitment to accessible, rider-friendly public transit.

“The GreenTRIP funds that we are committing will not only expand transit service throughout the capital region, but lead to better integration of the major transit systems. That’s good news for riders and good for the environment.”

~ Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“More and more of our residents are making personal choices to use alternate forms of travel, including public transit.  GreenTRIP is easing congestion in the region and helping people make good environmental choices.”

~ St Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse and Capital Region Board Chair

Smart fare is a project that aims to develop technology that would eliminate the need for cash fare and physical tickets, making it easier for riders to transfer seamlessly between municipal transit systems throughout the Capital Region.

St. Albert Projects

  • Four new electric buses (St. Albert): $2.1 million
  • Smart fare system (Capital Region-wide): $28 million.